2018 Margarita Run

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Weather: sunny and pleasant. Winds were mostly westerly, but rather light and hence challenging.


  • Pierre Armand
  • Skip Boman
  • Terry Bradley
  • Owain Chilton
  • Feliks Dozorets
  • Don Fox
  • Skip Gonsalves
  • Ward Greunke
  • Paul Macil
  • John Mathias
  • Bryan McDonald
  • Jean Rathle
  • Allie Rowe
  • Kris Taylor
  • Keith Walker
  • Brad Wilson
  • Mark Zimmer

  • Due to an injury, Rolf Jaeger could not compete, but instead managed the races with the invaluable help of Heather Hogg and Spike Leonard (MANY THANKS TO BOTH!!!).

    Race Results:

    In short:
  • Winner of Leg 1: Mark Zimmer
  • Winner of Leg 2: Ward Greunke
  • Winner by Combined Time: Brad Wilson
  • Race Times

    Click here to see Jean Rathle's Strava Race Track (THANKS for sharing this, Jean!)

    During the break at the beach (from left to right):
    Terry Bradley, Jean Rathle, Skip Boman, Paul Macil, Allie Rowe, Owain Chilton, Mark Zimmer, Heather Hogg, Rolf Jaeger, Brad Wilson, Ward Greunke, Kris Taylor, Spike Leonard, Don Fox

    Group picture at the beach

    Back row (from left to right):
    Allie Rowe, Paul Macil, Jean Rathle, Terry Bradley, Kris Taylor. Don Fox, Skip Boman, Keith Walker, Ward Greunke, Brad Wilson, John Mathias, Spike Leonard
    Front row (from left to right):
    Owain Chilton, Feliks Dozorets, Mark Zimmer, Bryan McDonald, Skip Gonsalves
    Missing: Pierre Armand

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