Marguarita Run 2017

Sunday, October 22nd

Weather: Like last year: sunny, and very pleasant (but light) wind, even during the return leg.

Photos by Heather Hogg (thanks!)

Photos (Courtesy Timothy Blake, check out the web site of his company (Tim Blake Imagery) )


  • Dick Brundle
  • Owain Chilton
  • Feliks Dozorets
  • Ward Greunke
  • Rolf Jaeger
  • Eric Lang
  • Eric Lennane
  • Bryan McDonald
  • Keith Walker
  • Mark Zimmer
  • Start: ~ 1:00 PM

    Order of Arrival at the Beach:

    Mark Zimmer1h 3m 32s
    Rolf Jaeger1h 3m 40s | + 8s
    Eric Lang1h 10m 30s | + 6m 50s
    Owain Chilton1h 10m 47s | + 17s
    Ward Greunke1h 18m 40s | + 7m 53s
    Dick Brundle1h 22s 03s | + 3m 23s
    Feliks Dozorets1h 24m 58s | + 2m 55s [he sailed the B-Fleet course]
    Bryan McDonald1h 27m 15s | + 2m 17s
    Keith Walker1h 30m 58s | + 3m 43s
    Eric Lennane1h 35m 35s | + 4m 37s

    Start of the Return Race: No idea (maybe around 3:30PM)

    Starting Times:
    Eric Lennane0s
    Keith Walker+ 4m 37s
    Bryan McDonald+ 8m 20s
    Dick Brundle+ 13m 32s
    Ward Greunke+ 16m 55s
    Owain Chilton+ 24m 48s
    Eric Lang+ 25m 05s
    Rolf Jaeger+ 31m 55s
    Mark Zimmer+ 32m 3s

    Order of Arrival back at the Start:

    Listed for each races are the time elapsed since the beginning of the return race, the start time delay and the actual elapsed time
    (elapsed time corrected by the start time delay)
    Mark Zimmer1h 48m 37s(-32m 3s)1h 16m 34s
    Owain Chilton1h 53m 29s(-24m 48s)1h 28m 41s
    Bryan McDonald1h 53m 35s(-8m 20s)1h 45m 15s
    Ward Greunke1h 55m 42s(-16m 55s)1h 38m 47s
    Rolf Jaeger1h 58m 2s(-31m 55s)1h 26m 7s
    Eric Lang2h 3m 1s(-25m 5s)1h 37m 56s
    Eric Lennane2h 8m 46s(-0s)2h 8m 46s
    Dick Brundle2h 11m 14s(-13m 32s)1h 57m 42s
    Keith Walker2h 19m 11s(-4m 37s)2h 14m 34s

    In Order of Total Elapsed Times:

    Listed for each races are the time elapsed the beach, the return leg and the sum of both
    Mark Zimmer1h 3m 32s1h 16m 34s2h 20m 6s
    Rolf Jaeger1h 3m 40s1h 26m 7s2h 29m 47s
    Owain Chilton1h 10m 47s1h 28m 41s2h 39m 28s
    Eric Lang1h 10m 30s1h 37m 56s2h 48m 26s
    Ward Greunke1h 18m 40s1h 38m 47s2h 57m 27s
    Bryan McDonald1h 27m 15s1h 45m 15s3h 12m 30s
    Dick Brundle1h 22s 03s1h 57m 42s3h 19m 45s
    Eric Lennane1h 35m 35s2h 8m 46s3h 44m 21s
    Keith Walker1h 30m 58s2h 14m 34s3h 45m 32s

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