Windsurfer Fleet 18

2nd Annual Glenn Taylor Memorial Race

Sunday, April 28, 2019


  • Brad Wilson
  • Skip Boman
  • Mark Zimmer
  • Paul Maciel
  • Rolf Jaeger
  • Bryan McDonald
  • Eric Lang
  • Skip Gonsalves
  • John Mathias
  • Ward Greunke
  • Don Fox
  • Steve Magnuson
  • Jonathan Weston

  • Race Results

  • Winner of Leg 1: Brad Wilson
  • Winner of Leg 2: John Mathias
  • Winner by Combined Time: Brad Wilson
  • Overall Race Times
    Start Time Leg 1:1:38 PM
    First Finisher at Beach:2:33 PM
    Time Lapsed for First Finisher:0:54:45
    Start Time Leg 2:3:42 PM
    First Finisher at Finish:4:54 PM

    CompetitorTime to BeachTime DifferenceReturn Starting TimeOrder of Leg 2 FinishesTime back to StartLeg 2 TimeCombined TimesOrder by Combined Times
    Brad Wilson00:54:4600:00:0000:24:20501:16:3700:52:1601:47:021
    Skip Boman00:55:1800:00:3200:23:48701:21:4800:58:0001:53:183
    Mark Zimmer00:55:3900:00:5300:23:27401:15:5300:52:2601:48:052
    Paul Maciel01:01:3300:06:4800:17:33801:22:0201:04:2902:06:034
    Rolf Jaeger01:02:2500:07:4000:16:411001:28:0701:11:2702:13:528
    Bryan McDonald01:02:5100:08:0500:16:15DNS
    Eric Lang01:04:1200:09:2600:14:54901:23:4301:08:4902:13:017
    Skip Gonsalves01:04:1400:09:2800:14:52601:17:0801:02:1502:06:295
    John Mathias01:09:0700:14:2100:09:59101:11:4201:01:4302:10:506
    Ward Greunke01:12:2700:17:4100:06:39301:13:0601:06:2702:18:549
    Don Fox01:19:0300:24:1700:00:03DNF
    Steve Magnuson01:19:0600:24:2000:00:00201:12:2401:12:2402:31:3010
    Jonathan WestonDNF

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