First Annual Glenn Taylor Memorial Race

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weather: sunny and pleasant. Around 11 the lagoon was still quite glassy, but then a nice breeze came up for the rest of the day.


  • Steve Bodner
  • Dick Brundle
  • Owain Chilton
  • Dennis Deisinger
  • Feliks Dozorets
  • Don Fox
  • Ward Greunke
  • Mike Harrison
  • Teddy Huang
  • Rolf Jaeger
  • Bryan McDonald
  • Al Mirel
  • Chris Radkowski
  • Jean Rathle
  • Kris Taylor
  • Mark Zimmer

  • Before the race (from left to right): Jean Rathle, Al Mirel, Ward Greunke, Feliks Dozorets, Rolf Jaeger, Don Fox (?), Teddy Huang, Steve Bodner (in back), Chris Radkowski (front), Owain Chilton (behind Chris R.), Mike Harrison, Dick Brundle, Dennis Deisinger, Kris Taylor, Mark Zimmer (in the back) [Photo courtesy Alice Huang]

    Race Results:

    Race Times

    Click here to see Jean Rathle's Animated Race Track (or here to see his static track)

    After the race (from left to right): Don Fox, Ward Greunke, Rolf Jaeger, Bryan McDonald, Steve Bodner (with daughter), Chris Radkowski, Owain Chilton, Jean Rathle, Al Mirel, Teddy Huang (with perpetual trophy), Kris Taylor, Kim Zimmer (our time keeper, THANKS!), Mark Zimmer, Feliks Dozorets (missing: Dick Brundle, Dennis Deisinger and Mike Harrison)  [Photo courtesy Bryan McDonald's iPhone]

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